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Truth is a powerful weapon.

Truth is a powerful weapon. I think the type of people who use their minds to think are attracted to Ron Paul and those same thinking people are not afraid to address controversial issues. People have argued that we have all the 'truthers' in our camp and should avoid such issues on this site. I wholeheartedly disagree. Every day more people wake up to the 9/11 truth movement, and every day more people wake up to Ron Paul's message. There's a correlation there even if you refuse to see it. Both messages are from passionate people who believe in their convictions, and both groups are ignored by the media. Promoting 911 truth can only bring more people to the liberty message, and promoting the liberty message has certainly brought more people to the truth movement. Sure, we'll lose the votes of the ignorant who stereotype everything by association, but we'll gain thinking people who are looking for answers to questions that nobody else will discuss. Once we have all the thinking people on our side, the unthinking herd will fall in line because their beliefs are totally dependent on social acceptance.