Comment: Why doesn't Ron agree with you?

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Why doesn't Ron agree with you?

My main issue right now is that I feel like most of the truthers have the same lack of logic that most of the neocons and socialists we are usually talking about on this page have.
The neocons and socialists just can't seem to grasp how their candidates are lying to them, or how they are giving misinformation, or fallacy in their arguments.
We understand it because the libertarian stance is based on logic.
They don't understand it because their platforms are based on lies designed to keep the powerful in power.
Ron doesn't believe 9/11 was a conspiracy.
The current torch holder of our movement used his logical thinking brain and concluded that the US's crappy foreign policy is most likely the cause.
However, you all think Ron is either wrong or lying.
If he's lying, I don't want that kind of candidate.
If he's wrong, then he's only wrong because 9/11 is the dumbest most illogical plan the government ever came up with.
At least 95% of the "evidence" I've seen for 9/11 being an inside job is either misinformation, bad reporting, fallacy, or just a product of "Loose Change" trying to sell copies.
The other 5%, well, after 10 years of constantly finding holes in this conpsiracy, I'm just tired of giving any more time into easily disprovable "evidence".
Sorry if this comes as an insult, but you truthers just don't see the lack of logic in your arguments, just like the socialists and neocons are failing to see the lack of logic in theirs.
I see it, Ron see's it, and I really wonder why you guys think the DailyPaul, a sight dedicated to furthering the movement of which Ron is currently the leader, would be a logical place to continue trying to push those illogical beliefs on everyone.
Ron is not a liar.
Ron is a very logical man.
9/11 is the logical result of blowback, not some completely incongruent government plan.
If you think otherwise, then maybe you should rethink if Ron is really the right candidate for you.

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