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First of all, Loose Change

First of all, Loose Change has been made available by its creators to view for free (streaming and download) on countless websites. You know of any profiteers that release their expensively produced content for free? Uh, huh.

Dr. Paul is prudent in his stance on 911, by only advocating for a new investigation, and pointing to the expansive and growing list of questions from the victims' families themselves, among many other eye-witnesses, scientists and experts. He is not lying, nor is he wrong. Get it?! It would be political suicide for him to come out as a full-blown "truther". Academics, scientists, business magnates, etc., get fired for such an overt stance. Author's and historians lose publishing deals and commissions for it, despite their impressive resumes and exhaustive credibility. Military officers and intelligence agents are disciplined, and even 'silenced' for having the courage to blow the whistle. Dr. Paul is probably the greatest champion of the cause of Liberty in the modern era, and I bet he knows how important he is. He can only continue his work (injecting the idea of freedom into the mainstream and pop-culture), gain popularity (4,000 in MI, 5,200 in WI, 6,000+ in Chico, 7,800 in LA!), and fan the brushfire to finally consume the elite cartels that seek to Lord us into submission IF he is careful about his message. I applaud his conscientiousness and boundless courage. RP's already derided as a nutty conspiracy theorist for his stance on the Fed (and isn't it nice that he's being vindicated these days with the vast awakening of the masses to the TRUE conspiracy of central banking frauds? :). To my knowledge, RP has NEVER said that he is convinced of the official 911 fairy tale, er, i mean story. I suspect, that he calls for a new investigation because he is, like many individuals capable of critical thinking, of the rational, research-backed conviction that a rogue element within (or subsuming) the US gov't did in fact, at minimum, allow the attacks to happen. After all, and RP knows this better than many of his younger supporters, it wouldn't be the first time in history such a crime of such scale was carried out against the people of a first world Western nation.

Even his enemies know without a doubt RP has integrity, and they're afraid of that, because his complicit silence cannot be bought. Snakepit22, if you look deeper into the events leading up to the 'blowback', and the relationships involved, you will learn stark truths, innumerable points intrinsically connected that once seen as both the whole forest and each tree form the constellation of evils that prey on mankind and our earth. Keep digging, and meanwhile, keep spreading the message of individual freedom and supporting the good doctor.
"Absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence."