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Hold up there champ.

Let me break down the logic argument for you.
If you are trying to prove guilt in a court of law, you can't simply say "Bob obviously didn't do it, so Joe obviously did".
That is illogical. Bert, or Sally, or Fred could have done it.
That is what you guys are doing.
You are trying to poke holes in the idea that Bob did it, and you are automatically jumping to the conclusion that Joe did it.
In a logical argument, and in a court of law, disproving the guilt of someone, doesn't prove the guilt of someone else.
That is where ya'lls lack of logic is occurring. You are continuing to question 9/11, which is fine, but when you don't get the answer which clearly implicates bin Laden, you automatically claim that it implicates Bush, or "the establishment".
In this case, there is plenty of motive for the 9/11 attacks which logically support the idea that ticked off middle easterners did it.
From your view, there is plenty of motive that the government did it.
What we now need is evidence.
Even if all the evidence showing the terrorists did it is faulty, you still have a rather large lack of evidence that the government did it as well.
According you your "logic", the government had a motive, and there are plenty of questions about how it actually happened. So to you, that means the government definately did it.
From my perspective, the terrorists had a motive and there are plenty of questions about how it actually happened, nothing is different.
So until those "questions" start being answered with actual physical evidence that ties the Government to the crime, then there is no more a case against the government than there is against the terrorists.
Every question you have about 9/11 needs and answer, but you just assume the answer which will eventually come out will implicate the government. You don't even consider that your questions may one day be answered and that those answers would support the idea that ticked of terrorists did it.
ex. 1 How did building 7 collapse? You don't know, so you assume the government did it.
ex. 2 Where is the wreckage of the plane in PA and in the Pentagon? You don't know, so you assume the government did it.
ex. 3 How did fire bring down the twin towers? You don't know so the government must have done it.
ex. 4 What were those lights over Phoenix 15 years ago? Nobody knows, so it must have been aliens.
ex. 5 How did the universe begin? Nobody knows, so God must exist.
Maybe you still don't see the lack of logic in these statements, and maybe you want to say "well those aren't my 9/11 arguments", but like I said before, 95% of 9/11 arguments have that same format. A question is asked, and if nobody has the answer right away, that must automatically mean the government did it.

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