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Second of all...

...Loose Change was edited and re-released several times because it kept getting proven false. Plus, they used soundbites and unauthorized statments from "experts" and scientists who only gave partial testemony on various things, but the Loose Change folks edited it and took it out of context to make it seem like the experts believed that it was a conspiracy.
For instance, and expert who explains about how thermite can be used in explosives doesn't necessarily believe that finding it in the WTC wreckage. But if you get him on tape talking about thermite, and then someone else talking about how some was found in the rubble, then you all think that means that two different experts believe 9/11 was a conspiracy. Even though neither of them do, they are both just telling you answer to your questions, even though they don't believe the conspiracy, and they are just being truthful about their knowledge of thermite.

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