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-who stands to gain from the

-who stands to gain from the attack, qui bono (i love when folks say "the muslims hate us for our freedom, they attacked us because we're free!" i hasten to point out the freedom robbing consequences of the patriot act, all these wars, the deliberately engineered financial crisis, currency and market manipulation, DHS, TSA, etc, etc, etc... to me it looks like every response our 'gov't' took to combat/retaliate against the attacks have resulted in the elimination of freedom, the american dream, superpower status, etc. looks like the terrorists WON! now, stay with me on this: let's ask ourselves WHO served to initiate/enact all these 'responses' to the attacks? now, ask who in fact are the terrorists? ...either the elected and appointed officers who put these 'responses' in place and are carrying them out are the most horribly, grotesquely idiotic, ineffectual, negligent SOBs EVER! and should all be thrown out! ..................................................................................OR...?'s designed. to be. just. this. way.

-what are the incontorvertibly proven lies have we been told by govt throughout history (both recent and far)?

-what are the lies to which govt/power elite themselves have admitted telling?

-what is the Bush family's relationship is with the bin laden family?

-what organisations (business, banking, policy, AND secret) do they belong to, and what are the overtly claimed ideologies/agendas of these organisations?

-what is the history of the region of modern day Iraq? of Afghanistan? and how do their histories pertain to control over money?, natural resources?, global control of mankind?, and what groups/lineages contested over control of these lands and these integral facets of society?

-why and how have the same few families ruled mankind for millenia?