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Please Do Not Fight... You Are All Right.

Dear Brannan,

No one here wants to get "off track into the income tax protest business" - That is not how the discussion began. Someone suggested trying to help Irwin to be released by starting a (side) campaign since the judge is not moving on Irwin's appeal. It's a due process issue, not an income tax issue.

I agree with what you say, however, about this group keeping its collective eye on the original target, the Ron Paul Presidency, and, I believe that the people here will agree with you most whole-heartedly, just as Irwin Schiff would agree. We all know that the media twists our words to exploit what we say in order to mock us and to discount our good and obvious constitutionally reasoned position by calling it something else - usually radical. And, with Irwin Schiff's research and resultant controversial speech along with his denial of constitutionally guaranteed due process, I completely understand your fear of even more reprisal against this group for what is being said on this subject - at the same time I understand why this group is concerned about the continued captivity of good men and women who asked questions relying upon the First Amendment right of Redress of Grievance. In order to reach the guarantees enumerated in the Bill of Rights, we must work to get Ron Paul elected. As of now, the First Amendment is in fact a dead letter.

Maintaining an honorable presentment of the woes of this Nation in peril is the most important matter as Dr. Paul has shown by his lead. I hope that the people here will indeed continue to send positive thoughts and prayers to all of the wrongfully imprisoned while aggressively campaigning to get the truly honorable Ron Paul into the Presidency.

If people would like to write a letter to the judge to encourage him to move on Irwin's appeal in a respectful fashion, they can do that, but, quite frankly, the judge in this case does not like receiving letters on Irwin's behalf - (unless he has taken a dramatic turn in his antagonistic stance in the last 7 years) - the letters may actually do more harm to Irwin's chances for making a Record and allowing his appeal to advance. This judge made many strong statements expressing no tolerance for people watching his court. Knowing this by first hand experience, I offer that a peaceful and reasoned campaigning for the election of Ron Paul for President of the United States of America is most likely the more positive and fruitful approach toward getting the political prisoners released.