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In The First Place...

Dear Pawnstorm,
I stand corrected on your intention and I truly admire your reasoning, motivation and spirit. You are, as you already know, a good American. You must know that I am not one to back down from my beliefs either for fear or ignorance, and, I have more at stake than anyone save his children connected with Irwin's release. We are all imprisoned as long as he is in prison, those of us who love him and worry so much about his health and welfare. Thank you for continuing to be so strong on your resolve. It means more to me than I am able to adequately express in words.
It was your original post that came into my Mail Account through Google Alerts which made me join this website for discussion. I have always supported Ron Paul's candidacy, but was always afraid to damage him by displaying my name here - for many have been charged and convicted - guilty by association - and I do not wish to tarnish Dr. Paul's reputation by my public support of him.
People who have no understanding of the legislation underlying the provisions printed in the Internal Revenue Code, Federal Regulations, the policies and procedures being enforced, and the everyday protected practices of that agency cannot appreciate our passion for this cause. I believe that Dr. Paul is against all usurpations of power exercised by government actors no matter which branch of government is committing such acts. Certainly, Dr. Paul would support your right to speak out with your concerns on this important topic. Perhaps, however, for the sake of his success in this current campaign, knowing that most people do not understand the history and complexity of this issue, the "campaign to free Irwin Schiff" as proposed might be better served if moved to a different site away from Ron Paul 2012. Just think about it.
Irwin Schiff's Facebook page might serve as a viable alternative if enough "Friends" will "like" and "share".

More than anything else, Irwin Schiff wants you to remain safe and as free as you can be to keep speaking about the matters which are important to you and for your children's futures. He would not want his name and situation to damage this important Ron Paul campaign raising awareness of the truth. This is, after all, why he began speaking publicly about the economy and how the federal government's monetary, taxing and regulatory policies undermined America's industrial growth and thereby ruined the American Worker's ability to provide for their families while turning "the home of the brave" into a "corral for the sheep". Dr. Paul knows what to do and is willing to act to change it all back to the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution.
My most sincere thanks and best wishes go out to you. I mean it, whichever way you decide to handle this.