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Comment: It's Still All Speculation at This Point

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It's Still All Speculation at This Point

There has been only one caucus state so far to have finished their state convention. I think it was North Dakota. We certainly did not sweep it there.

Anything can go at these caucuses and it can easily turn into a 3 against one event. In the caucus process, unless you have a majority or "plurality" going in, then it's a battle in a somewhat confusing vote process. All can be won or lost depending.

Basically, there is no way to speculate the outcome of a state caucus convention unless you know going in, that you have the majority of delegates, which I suppose could be tallied up prior to a convention. In which case you will simply win the vote by majority in the first round.

I am not sure how many states have even finished all of their district and county caucus conventions.