Comment: much of the article you cite is nonsense

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much of the article you cite is nonsense

While I'm not personally a fan of consuming GMOs, and while I recognize that they may be (seriously) harmful, we have to be honest, here.

The article to which you cite states, "Genetically engineered crops require much more water to grow, have much higher requirements for fertilizer and pesticide, in spite of Monsanto's claims to the contrary and, in spite of their cost to farmers, provide NO increased yield."

These assertions are simply false. Yield per acre has increased dramatically, in part because of GMOs.

Further, modern GMO seed varieties are far more drought resistant than their more traditional counterparts.

Here's additional commentary:

Again, I'm not signing on to all of the statements in this WSJ article; I eat from the garden. I'm just suggesting that some of the statements in the article to which you cite are blatantly false.