Comment: A lot of good sites below.....

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A lot of good sites below.....

However, I would advise everyone to use discretion when reading some of those sites. A few that were mentioned are ones I have become very weary about, not only the news but also the intention behind it. Remind yourselves there is such thing as cointelpro.

I do visit many that have already been stated daily. I am shocked, however, to see that no one has mentioned

Veterans Today is among my favorites and I highly encourage my fellow freedom fighters to visit them often. IMO, A truly remarkable site filled with NOTHING but the TRUTH.

I, too, am surprised no one has mentioned Another informative and entertaining site I visit daily.

Also every weekday a gentleman named Scott has a great Youtube called The Hyper Report. I try and watch his usually 3 minute video - the only complaint I have with him is that he doesn't have anything on the weekends. I highly recommend checking his videos out.

Another youtuber I like, which hasn't yet been mentioned, is Rys2sense.

BTW, this was a great idea for a thread. Thanks ajackson.