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Country Club

Folks, a bit more of reality check. Both parties are private organizations, nothing more than open membership country club. They can make up any rules they want, violate any rules they want. If you don't like the BS, know one is making you stay and frankly the party does not care, because they are part of the false left-right illusion that has been controlling our minds and this country. Ron Paul left once, and came back and endured 20 years of ridicule, and GOP isolationism. He stay in to make a difference. You can make a difference, but learn the game, take control of local politics and change the ways things are done. It will not change overnight. In 2008, the GOP and McCain campaign overtly attacked and isolated any Ron Paul supporters at the Colorado State Convention. Many of the state party leaders, legislators, county leaders and high profile party figures ran as National delegates to keep the Ron Paul supporters out of the process. These same NEOCON members boo'd a disabled Iraqi War Veteran off the stage of the convention when he gave his 15 sec nomination speech. Realize what you are up against.

Brian Sydnes
USAF Veteran
Defense Contractor