Comment: I'm not so sure.

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I'm not so sure.

There's the news dictum, "If it bleeds it leads." I recall organizing a news conference at the California state capitol once (one of many I should add) and not a single reporter showed up to hear the important things we had to say. A bit later I found out why. A truck loaded with live chickens had overturned on a freeway off ramp at the edge of town and there were clucking, shrieking chickens running everywhere. The video and audio possibilities would be damned hard for a news source to pass up.

When you realize that the latest Hollywood romance/breakup is more interesting to media consumers than anything Congress or the Supreme Court does, it's hardly a big leap to see that the feelings stirred up by the Travon shooting might eclipse Obama getting his ass handed to him by the Supreme Court.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.