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That's a good point, thx for

That's a good point, thx for the brainstorming. I was saying "My post provided no concrete solutions", not that none existed. I'll do everything till the last moment to evangelize maximum number of sheep about seriousness of the situation. In the location I'm in, I'm not having tremendous success rate. Even so called "educated/intellectual" people respond back to me with same old brainwashed BS. Perhaps that explains the tone of desperation & frustration in my words.

At the same time, I'm also mentally prepared for backup options. I feel if hyperinflation comes/currency collapses, will bring in rise of fascism. St. Charles County Caucus with Eugene Dokes giving unilateral order to remove cameras or bring in police to arrest people for trespassing - those all seem like soft, cuddly facets of fascism; compared to the HARSH form of fascism that lies ahead. The country may even be headed on the path of a civil war, should hyperinflation occur.

Personally, I've started making backup plans to even leave the country worse comes to worst. I'm opening bank accounts in international currencies like Singapore Dollar, so I may be able to make withdrawals outside the country, should it come to that.

I'm not giving up, but it's coming up to middle of April. Tampa is in August & general election in November. The clock is ticking down very fast. You're correct, due to the Electoral College we're stuck inside GOP. But corrupt establishment has already started declaring Super Delegates for Romney. We've seen with our very eyes (thx youtube) what happened in North Dakota state convention & elsewhere. I'll keep trying the best I can personally, yet we will have to keep tabs on state conventions coming up in Maine, Minnesota, Nevada...everywhere & gauge which way the things unfold. Ben Swann keeps doing his reality reports & that's all great & very much appreciated. But what segment of the sheep population has actually watched even single one of them?

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!