Comment: They are more accurately labeled 'vicious, brutal attack ads'

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They are more accurately labeled 'vicious, brutal attack ads'

So you think establishment speaks such great truth.

fyi - demint and heritage foundation and others suported romneycare and indiv mandate, so it doesn't make you that less of a conservative. the point is that since then all conservatives except romney and his close friends support the indiv mandate and gov't controlled healthcare.

so, newt has never lied that he had never supported the indiv mandate. not that i am a newt supporter, but it is best to give the person all of the info, versus distorted facts and leaving out romney as if to cover up his flaws and make him look bland or good while tainting his rivals and leaving a bad taste in the mouth of voters.

the person to expose in 'truth' ads is Romney himself.

Romney has greater and deeper ties to freddie mac. And he didn't exactly need that salary/compensation/money like other employees of freddie mac.