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Pretty much so

I have a pig butchered every year and it lasts a year. I give a big ham to a neighbor who refuses money but who also plows the snow.

I just saw a promo on farming in north canada forget which site--they want $27 for the full book. Mostly the greens, kale, lettuce, cabbage, potatoes (even) can be grown in cold country.

I start everything in the greenhouse and plant outside when the frost is over (didn't hurt the Canadian though).

Some things can be over wintered and will start growing early. My strawberries, blueberries, rasberries did great this way.

It is important to read up on how to preserve veggies. Some get blanched, others don't. I found it really easy to "seal a meal" these. I did can some cukes (pickles) and they were great. Gave some of these away.

There are cheap greenhouses on Ytube, pvc pipe and some plastic. Cost about $20.

I also turned the soil last year, put down a layer of newspapers, then topped with landscape material. I went to one of the flower sellers and they gave me all the "holders". I cut holes in the bottoms of these--to space my plants. Viola! No weeds.

I didn't spend that much on canning. I think it is $25 for the cheap thing (only because I sold mine at a rummage sale--for $2). About $2 for pickling vinegar. And I spent about $7 for the spices.

I have some really old canning books, really, really old.

I did buy a Food Saver ($100 in the store) at a rummage sale for $10. It's been worth its weight in gold.

I have 20 citrus trees that made it through the winter--had to use radiators last year. This year I will try the rocket stove Picked up some surplus piping for a buck at a rummage sale and the baseboard ducts (Habitat). I hope this works next winter.

This is my first year for chickens. lol they say it is cheaper to just pay the $2 for free range eggs, which, BTW can be frozen. I dumped the eggs in a sealer bag (without shell). I labeled the number in each bag. Even the yolks didn't break. I left them to get room temperature then used them to bake with.

I do have a pasta machine maker but I eat all the noodles and stuff before they reach the freezer. Also a rummage sale find. I spent $3 for one and bought another at Goodwill for $2. These also sell for around $100.

For leftovers and stuff, I bought something similar to a sandwich maker. These can also be frozen.

I bought dog kennels to surround my garden. No critters so far (second year). These were also from rummage sales. I'm going to get a couple of goats. I doubt the deer will bother with the goat horns. Coyotes, maybe, but they have to jump a six foot fence.

Really, it didn't take much time. Planting took several days but no weeds. Canning took a couple days and another day to make jellies and jams.

I spend about $25-$50 a month and that is for potatoes, butter, cereal, etc.