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Hi folks I am the gal who chaired Paul's campaign in Johnson County Iowa. With the help of many volunteers and donations we were able to put up 2 billboards and open a grassroots office. It was pivotal for Ron Paul's campaign and the delegates. I am asking for your help again. I have been so inspired by the fight for liberty I am taking on a very tough race for the state senate. I need funds. Here's what I need them for.... I need money for signs-$1000/brochures-$1000 to start-/t-shirts-$500-$1000 to start/stickers $200 (used for parades), gun show entry fees-2 left before vote at $45 each, barn sized signs at least 20 of them at $65 each. Mailers-for every 2000 people cost is approx. $1000 -there are 60,000 people in the district-this covers printing/paper/design/and postage. As you can tell I need quite a bit. You can help by donating. There are several ways to get to me. The best way to keep track of the countdown is by going to this chip in that I just created.... I need all the help I can get right now. So much is required right up front and the bulk or the organizations out there won't help till the last 60 days. These materials can't wait till then if I want anyone to know who I am and what I stand for. It's imperative to get the word out NOW. Please help! Thank you,
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