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I would venture to say that

Ron Paul has more than 380 delegates. But again it all depends on Romney not getting the 1144 before the convention. If he does that then turn out the lights, it is over. What people can not get into their heads is this. Ron Paul supporters all across the U.S have been getting them selves elected as District and State Delegates at the County Conventions. Now most District and State Conventions have not been held at this time. But rest assured that the RP supporters will fill those District and State Conventions and out of that will come a truck load of delegates to the National Convention who will be RP supporters. If and that is a big if, all of the delegates get turned loose then RP has a very good chance at getting the nomination. In my county convention a lot of our people got elected to the District and State Convention. Sure they would be bound to Newt at the National Convention, but if Newt drops out of the race then it is on because we support RP. They are only Newt delegates until he drops out or if some one fails to get that magic number of 1144, then they automatically become Paul delegates. Now do you get it?