Comment: And yet, the Fed loves all of us......

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And yet, the Fed loves all of us......

Because all Ron Paul conservatives are still living in a fairy tale, a false reality of their own choice.

You know what might really help END THE SYSTEM of the FED?

Flat out not using them!!!


But even I still have credit cards, such things & an account somewhere. Ron Paul and so forth won't tell us this.

The hard truth is, no matter how many powers the Fed loses, the Fed will continue to rise and find *NEED* for its existence.....because you and I use them for EVERYTHING. Like little slaves to their liberal fake world....

It takes really gathering the cajones to opt out of what is, and always was, a shell game. Seizing back your SOVEREIGN citizen rights is not easy, & requires showing the SS# & all the rest are total frauds.

And they will always hate you, but you *CAN* exit the system.
If you willingly open up a state bank, or other bank & start using gold/silver more & more and open neighbor's eyes...they may well opt out of the Federal Reserve as well.

Now that would really, really defeat them as if all Ron Paul conservatives did the same.....the Federal Reserve sham & all its agencies, would be a footnote in history, & either arrest each other or self-explode.

But that means seizing your rights back through force in court, & your land with other non corporate persons, & that means you would never believe politicians again.