Comment: The Systems of Central Planners that use force to prevail.

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The Systems of Central Planners that use force to prevail.

The Soviet Union replaced the Imperial Central Planner with another, deadlier version. Fear and deception were the tools of the Soviet central planners. Some 40-60 million were killed and proved that central planning was a failure, and offered nothing but death and tyranny to those it afflicts.

The Soviet Union collapsed when at long last the leaders had squandered the wealth stolen from the 19the century. Having produced nothing from that wealth, there was nothing left to feed their monster government. That Union crumpled.

Likewise the Central Planners of the US lead by the Federal Reserve has squandered and stolen the wealth of our 19th century. Where $20 bought and ounce of gold in 1900 that same ounce costs $1600 in 2012.

Put the other way, a USD bought 1,370 mg of gold in 1900. Today, it only buys 18 mg of Gold. Our central planners have paid themselves handsomely with their self-service schemes by sucking the value out of the dollars everyone uses.

End the ability of the Federal Reserve to engineer national failures. Beat the System!

Free includes debt-free!