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Comment: Its quite simple; Man can't serve two masters at once.....

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Its quite simple; Man can't serve two masters at once.....

You see, the Liberal Zionist Global Jews and their boogeymen would require you to *believe* that they are the master, and you are the servant, since a trust has been established in your name - including ID's as well.

As you can see, the SSA trust in your name was created without your consent since the very start. You are therefore, basically a willing slave.

They can do anything with you; because you are a willing and obvious worshiper of Mammon.

Did you know the Federal Reserve is basically the Mammon system??

Bet your high school teachers never told you that one!
And since the very beginning, you are required to understand you are *slaves* to the contract....much like the original one used with Satan against God in order to deceive & kill.

So basically, they can now process you for collateral no matter what type of bank the Federal Reserve morphs into.

They are allowed to baffle you with fake stories!
About a great utopia, NESARA making everything sugar & nice again, and lots of made up nonsense about people arresting each other back & forth.

Also they are allowed to tell you the world is going to end, and we are going to have paradise in the sky! And lots and lots of people will go to jail.

Do you know why though? And what happens when you go to court? You see, that case # in court is exactly like the SS# - its a penal trust account. The second anyone is "under arrest", they can just laughably justify it *as accident* & pay out a large amount of Federal Reserve notes to make their record vanish. What's worse? You can do the same! So you are as much a criminal as them! This is justice see, it goes to whoever pays.

They're laughing to the bank, knowing you won't ever figure it out - that the entire Court System is just a way to pacify/keep the slaves in line using an SS# & fake floating paper notes.

This is because, YOU, are a WILLING SLAVE to a known fraud and yet you continue to partake. You have the option of OPTING OUT of the Beast....known as the Federal Reserve.

Even the media discusses this now...
You CAN stop worshiping Mammon, toss your SS#, go outside the Rogue government and live with pretty much whoever you like. They can still deceive you, make you believe you can't do that, that paradise awaits in the sky, cotton candy & pretty much every trick in the book - BUT they...CAN'T stop you & so they are adamant about no one learning of this.

With lawful action, you can opt out of the entire Mammon-Government - police can as well - as the whole Federal Reserve masses of slaves goes off into the sunset. Or ends up destroyed with Mammon. That's it- and you basically CAN'T guarantee your family/friends will leave the fake system.