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Yes, even I have made my mind up....

I am going to tear up & destroy the paper slave contract.

It won't be an easy battle, the police etc. will always hate me for it, but I'm going to do it - I refuse to be a corporate person to a fake world based on fiction.

All the penal codes, regulations, fake laws and everything else under the sun in this land including city ordinances- is controlled and enforced by the Federal Reserve.

Every single one of them is enforced by a fictitious entity, hell bent on enslaving me and making sure any move I make will always be carefully watched, documented, spied upon no matter what the Reserve morphs into & it is always there...

But once I tear up the contracts, those codes disappear and I can escape this invisible prison - fight it out and always be a Sovereign on my own land. Get a land patent, avoid pretty much any regulations again & travel freely.

At some point I realized Ron Paul isn't there to tell me how to be free- I want to be free from tyranny and all he's going to do is morph the head of the hydra so it doesn't look so bad. No, I had it up to here - it is high time to reclaim being "FREE" & there is only one way out.