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Comment: Amen!!! Fire up the Rotisserie & pass the ammunition....

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Amen!!! Fire up the Rotisserie & pass the ammunition....

Its high time to expose these two bit, liberal frauds in the neoliberal bank cartel once & for all!!

Rest assured Santorum supporters, the only difference between him and Paul is Paul will *seek* an official declaration of war before taking care of the Muslims, globalist fascists and other enemies in Turkey or elsewhere.

That involves strong action, marques of reprisal on targets and the usual constitutional methods & means.

Of course, Mr. Romney is a very deceptive liar and actually doesn't even like the 2nd we all know from his record as governor of Massachusetts. This maniac wants a Communist America, as does Obama & Dr. Paul absolutely has HAD IT with Obama just as we all have!! High time he's put behind bars.

And its high time these liars all go down to a globalist jail-cell instead of us!!! Jail for the Liberal commies.

Yea don't worry....the public really hates Romney so to root out the corruption....we won't investigate Santorum's seat either.. (Clearly he was black-mailed by liberals)