Comment: The problem is, Obama supporters don't like facts.....

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The problem is, Obama supporters don't like facts.....

These people are REALLY, REALLY brainwashed and I mean much worse than any kind of Gingrich, Johnson, Tom DeLay or even Kucinich.

They don't care that Obama did a few unfortunate things like NDAA, because they think its going to take care of the terrorists.

They are also of the belief there is right wing extremists that everyone needs to watch out for. When Obama speaks, to them it fills their eyes and ears with joy & admiration.

These people are very grateful for Government health care. They think a New World Order is a wonderful thing, too. Also they pay to attend Obama's speeches.

Also here's what I heard:

Them: "Well I think Ron Paul is good too. But he will end the whole EPA and destroy government, so I will never have anything to do with that. Obama says we need to reunify our borders & strengthen our military. He also is commemorating a memorial to Rosa Parks."

Me: "Again...I don't know where you are hearing this information. Ron Paul is not a racist. Obama is saying a lot of things. But why do these feel good things matter, if America's streets have military patrolling and a lot of businesses being purchased up. Being taken over often by force. This to me is not a good thing, and it makes no sense that you can say Ron Paul will destroy government."

Them: "I know each of the wars needed to happen. We have a few enemies left, its kind of difficult. Also of course we strongly support the Palestinians and Israel to join the world union. (HIS words, not mine) And from there we can all have a much greater, more wondrous future. Military in the streets is ok long as terrorists & survival preppers are dealt with. I've heard its dangerous from my friends."

Me: "What? They are people storing up food and supplies in case an emergency happens. Why has anyone said its dangerous? Do you trust the government about everything? So what you're saying is, its fine if military are in the long as extremists aren't out there. But all this going on, and the Feds stealing the land, is completely okay as long as Rosa Parks gets a perfect memorial right."

Them: "Yes, its okay. We want this. Because bad people are out there and they are always trying to disrupt our peaceful nation."

Me: "I see....I still would warn you, these polices you are encouraging Obama to take are the radical ones. They are creating atmosphere for full scale civil war. No offense, but he is as far to the left as Mao. I don't understand exactly think Ron Paul will destroy the government."

Them: "Ummm, well if he dismantled a federal agency that puts them all out of work. That is wrong. We have a peaceful government, seizing back private lands that people have no right to steal. They should be used for tourist attractions, museums and so on. (HIS words, not mine)

Me: "Good god...I can see you are adamant about this."