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The regime-change effort in Libya was the first full-blown project of the United States Africa Command (Africom) which was formed in 2008. Africom, although officially based in Stuttgart, Germany, has established a base at Camp Lemonier in the Horn of Africa nation of Djibouti. Africom is now operating in several states on the continent.

Add-in the efforts of the traditional players as well, particularly Italy. Libya used to be "Italian East Africa".

The Italian and Libyan economies were closely linked (more now). “Italy’s trading ties with Libya make it the most exposed European Union country to any collapse in Qaddafi’s regime,” Bloomberg reported. The news agency added:

Italy bought 49 percent of Libya’s exports to the 27-nation E.U. in 2009 and was responsible for 39 percent of the bloc’s sales to the North African country, according to Eurostat, the E.U.’s Luxembourg-based statistics office. Germany bought 14 percent of Libyan exports.

Italy’s ties with Libya, which it occupied from 1911 to 1943, have strengthened under Prime Minister Berlusconi. In 2008, it forged a treaty that paved the way for 25 billion euros ($34 billion) in Eni SpA oil projects in Libya. Investment links also go the other way, with Libyan stakes in UniCredit SpA, Italy’s biggest bank, totaling 7.6 percent. ( source: NYTimes: ).

Now... to understand more you have to bring in China.

About 75 Chinese companies operated in Libya before the war, involving about 36,000 staff and 50 projects, according to early Chinese media reports. Many of those firms were engaged in building roads, buildings and infrastructure.

Yet Gaddafi's government was wary of China's economic reach, and Beijing also will face a harder time than Western governments in winning the ears of a government emerging from the rebellion, said Simpfendorfer, the consultant.

China's top three state oil firms CNPC, Sinopec Group and CNOOC all had engineering projects in Libya, but no oil production yet, company officials said. (Source: Reuters: )

The KEY: CHINA HAD NO OIL PRODUCTION YET. And The Italians (Eni SpA oil), French (TOTAL Oil) & British (British Petroleum) were going to make certain of it.

The race is on for Libya's oil by the Europeans:

And guess what.. The Chinese have been shut out:

Last item - Libyan Gold. They had about 150 tonnes / 6bn USD of it. A greater reserve per capita than the UK. With Oil & Gold Libya could keep a strong currency without bending over to the USD or Euro. What does that mean? They had the power to influence and counter.

Where is that gold now? Have you noticed the price of gold declining? That happens when you dump a large supply on the market. Libyan gold was used to prop up a collapsing Italy. (remember the Italian connection?)

By now, the motivations for the takeover of Libya should be crystal clear. Libya will be kept destabilized and weak.

"One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas" Victor Hugo