Comment: I'm actually glad you brought

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I'm actually glad you brought

I'm actually glad you brought this up because I think the difference is enormous.

I was at a cookout a couple of weeks ago and the conversation drifted towards guns and gun rights. Someone said "the constitution, namely the second amendment gives us the right to bear arms". Quickly I said no, no it doesn't. You could hear a record skip. Did I mention I'm in the south and this was a redneck cookout...a well armed redneck cookout? I finished quickly by saying your right to defend yourself comes from God, or your humanity. The constitution, the second amendment is just a document that forbids the government from infringing on that inherent right and I made sure that people understood the difference. You could see light bulbs flicking on all around me.

Rights are inherent. They don't come from government or the constitution. Once people understand the difference, the path to enlightenment becomes the natural path.

Liberty or Death