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Been there, done that.. FYI,

Been there, done that.. FYI, if you're in a desert, like Libya. Wool over your eyes helps to keep the sand out of it. Still leaves my original question: You are not seriously defending Muammar Gadaffi, are you? Seriously?

Ever been to Libya? Spoke to a Libyan? Someone remotely from that region even? Are you familiar with tribal issues in the region, like with the touaregs? The history between Libya and Mali, the African refugee situation and the deals/threats made to France/Italy in regards to that. The prison massacres? How and why Blair brought him back in the international fold? The history between Tripolitana, Cyrenaica and the Italian colonists? And that's just a tip of the icebergs here.

What a hero you've picked. And all you have to show is some videoblogs and russian propaganda. Nice. Who needs the CIA if we have youtube? Looks to me the wool over your eyes is the least of your problems. It's gotten into your brain.