Comment: No need to worry: that audience was not his primary audience

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No need to worry: that audience was not his primary audience

His audience was not the studio audience, which resulted from the candidates being given tickets to distribute to supporters. Obviously, if the distribution had been equal, 7/8 of the people in that room were already committed to a pro-war candidate, and were going to hate one opposing the war. If it wasn't equal, we all know Paul didn't get a larger than average share!

Of course, the focus group was also handpicked: 23 people who had heard the candidates before and didn't have a preference. Is there anybody here who didn't decide you liked Dr. Paul the first time you heard him? To have no preference after being exposed to all these guys previously tells you they were just trying to pick which pro-war candidate to support: had they been opposed, they would have known who they supported already.

So neither of those groups was representative, nor were they persuadable.

When Giuliani nailed Paul for telling the truth about the motivation of the thugs of 9/11, the media all portrayed it as a home run for Giuliani, and most of us know Paul didn't really explain it well enough in that debate to be clear to the uninformed person why he was right. But it still turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to Paul's campaign.

More booing, please: it makes Paul look more like the hero he is.