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I am not claiming that Ghadaffi (sp?) was a saint or even a . .

. good leader.

Historical perspective is needed here. No doubt Libyans have fled to other countries. How many of the DPers realize that much of southeastern Canada is comprised of descendants of British loyalists who left the 'colonies' before, during, and after the Revolutionary War?

Colonization has always caused problems, wherever it occurs, and it has occurred everywhere. There is always remaining 'blood' from empires.

I have no doubt that there have been atrocities. What I ask is does American intervention make things better? Or worse? And for whom? Why must American lives be lost? Why take sides at all?

Another reason to stay out of these areas. Global corporations and kingdoms and empires have done enough to devastate indigenous people, when they aren't devastating themselves. And economically desperate young people in America will join armies and navies and go off to these places and die there.

It's all very sad.

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