Comment: I don't believe in us vs.

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I don't believe in us vs.

I don't believe in us vs. them, or good vs. evil. We're all evil, or good. And criminals are usually criminals because they know something we don't and aren't afraid to use it.

But I think you overestimate what the CIA, and the US is capable of a situation like that. They don't have nearly as much control over the world as many Americans like to think. It's understandable if you look at the media, entertainment and public debate. It's all this war-like let's look for the enemy and kill it-mentality that's the real problem. That's why conspiracy theories are kind of funny to me, since they still assume there's this all powerful US government capable of running all that. To me that's two sides of the same coin. Call it reverse-statism.

They're involved, but so is China, Russia and just about every other country on the planet, even my puny country. They all try to manipulate the situation in their favor, but it doesn't mean the situation would've have existed without their involvement. It would just be different, because someone else would've gotten involved and try to bend it their way. And the business of government is dirty business, it's just how it is. The nature of the game. Government = conflict resolution. You could clone Ron Paul into every position in government and maybe you wouldn't have conflict but you also wouldn't have liberty. You could as well just skip the cloning and install him as absolute monarch on a mandate from god (and that's how a lot of religion gets invented, but that's another story).