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Hehe.. I know about our

Hehe.. I know about our history. It has everything. Pirates, slave traders, rebellion, religious wars, pestilence, colonists, racists. World War 2 was a nice one too. That's my point.. we're tiny, but dirty as hell. And so is everybody else. I don't think anything is going to change that. Why do you think so many people in power want a one world government? Hah, they have to deal with that mess everyday.

I think we agree on a lot of points here. I saw John Perkins in docs a couple times. It's always been my understanding that CIA is sort of rogue by design. And I think there's definitely something to the psychopath theory. But I don't really care who pulls the strings. It's the strings that's the problem ;) And in the end I'm convinced even the string-pullers only have limited real power and that there isn't really a big master plan or design going. It's just a mess. They may know things we don't, but ultimately they're not any smarter. They're still human so they're still just monkeys with an unreasonably high opinion of themselves, like the rest of us.
Everybody (including the psychopaths) just goes with what's best for them, and somehow we end up with all this. You can change the people at the top, but until you fix the system somebody else is just gonna climb that ladder and 'do what's necessary'. That's the real danger, not David Rockenschilder or whoever the alpha monkey may be.

But that's just my opinion. Never underestimate our collective stupidity.