Comment: When Has The Truth Ever Been Complicated?

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When Has The Truth Ever Been Complicated?

I've read THOUSANDS of cases, web links, arguments, etc. that are full of Supreme Court Cases, State Cases, codes, rules, regulations.

Some times they win, but most of the time they lose, because they are not arguing procedure; they are arguing about whether or not they are liable for the tax.

Did the IRS follow their OWN written procedures in collecting, or trying to collect the tax?

Rod isn't arguing about the Constitutionality of the tax; whether it's legal or not, etc.

Of course the tax is legal and Constitutional FOR GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, and if they are labeling you as a government employee by saying you're liable, then great!

Now that you're a government employee, then where the hell is YOUR paycheck? You mean I'm a paying-card carrying member of your organisation; paying my fees and taxes every year, but I'm not getting my government check?

We have a serious labor dispute to address here, wouldn't you say?

I mean NO ONE can force you to work for free, right?

I don't think being employed by you guys is such a great deal anymore, I'm sure not reaping any of the benefits of a bi-weekly paycheck, dental insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, yearly bonuses, holidays off, membership at the country club, etc. and you're saying I have to pay you an income tax?

Am I missing something here?

That's a strange employment agreement, if I must say so myself.

This whole LOGIC thing is way over my head :)