Comment: 40 years backing GOP

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40 years backing GOP

Obamacare scared me into buying silver because I was thinking the dollar was going to collapse. After hunting online for silver info I just kept running into to this fruit cake Paul. When I started to realize I believed the same as he on a lot of issues, I started to dig into Iran because Paul was wrong on Iran, so I thought. After really looking for answers I realized I was duped by the media. I firmly believed in the Iraq, and Afghanistan wars, truly Bush brainwashed. I did listen to Fox quite a bit, especially Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly. I haven't listened to either one since and now when I listen to any media news I wander what propaganda an I going to get now.

In a way Ron Paul has already given me my Liberty that the media and big government stole. Because now I have the knowledge that the media has withheld from me. Now I am trying to free myself from the tyrannical banking system, by buying silver instead of leaving money in bank accounts. If we choose not to use the financial system it will collapse. It is based on debt and if it isn't fed it will die.

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