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This was my first time to see Dr. Paul live. As an old folk, I'm so impressed with the young people who have been inspired to take it upon themselves to research things they won't be getting extra credit for in the classroom! This is the perfect affirmation of Ron Paul's belief in leading by example. He spoke. He made sense. Young folks listened, and what they didn't understand, they educated themselves about. He didn't push, prod, wheedle or cajole. He offered. Now a generation knows what Austrian economics are about, and our Constitution and REAL civil liberties, and the Federal Reserve versus a sound monetary system, and on and on. An awful lot of them have learned parliamentary procedure, too. They've been the front line in this fight and kept us buoyed up and believing. And I think all of us have learned the joy of learning, of waking up to hope and a big idea about the future of this country. Thanks, young 'uns.