Comment: WHOOP!! (It's an Aggie thing)

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WHOOP!! (It's an Aggie thing)

I drove 2.5 hours with a friend from the Austin/Luling area. (And it was a stunningly beautiful drive since the drought ended!)

We didn't expect to get there on time and were okay with the fact that we would not be seated in the auditorium.

I actually preferred the comfort of the lounge area outside the auditorium ... ease of access to water, watching and interacting with students and other attendees milling about and witnessing the responses from those of us who were "turned away" ... and just being there to show that the venue was "overflowing".

I was happy to be just a warm body who could listen to my congressman of many years as he whooped it up in Aggieland (and, boy howdy, how Aggieland has changed ... I even saw students, gasp, walking on the grass taking 'shortcuts'... (it's an Aggie CORPS thing))

The reception Dr. Paul received in College Station was awesome. Exactly what I expected.

I'll be attending the San Antonio luncheon with Dr. Paul today. Got my questions three and Sharpie at the ready.

Oh, and I maxed out my personal contribution limit for this election cycle two days ago.