Comment: It was a great speech!

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It was a great speech!

I attended, and, as someone who watches the video from his speeches elsewhere quite frequently, I really do think it was one of his best. Some of the high points:

1) He stuck a barb against ObamaCare in there. He's always opposed intervention into the medical field, and mentioned that it drives up costs relative to when he practiced, but I think the contemporary reference to the court battle was important.

2) "The TSA (or some federal action, I think it was TSA) isn't what keeps us safe, the second amendment is what keeps us safe" AMEN! That's why the Hijack attempt of a FedEX plane before 9/11 was unsuccessful. Pilots took the idiot out!

3) Fed...has destroyed 98% of the value of the 1913 dollar (standard Paul fare, but...) ..."lets not let 'em finish the 2%!" I think he added this to another, but this is a new addition that is succinct and zippy. I like it. Speaking of percentages...

4) He mentioned you have to be careful about talking about the 1%/99% because being part of the 1% if you earned it honestly is fine, we want successes. I loved this part (and, no, I'm nowhere near "the 1%"). This is what people who say Ron Paul is in league with Mitt Romney don't understand: His unwillingness to pander like Newt and zing Romney on class issues has nothing to do with Mitt, and has to do with Dr. Paul being consistently the Champion of the Free Market.

He had lots of other good stuff to say, but these in particular stood out as very polished and well delivered. I also like what he said in Berkeley and repeated here about having a heart & a brain at the same time (vs. liberal in 20s / conservative in 40s), and looking to the Constitution. He seemed quite energized, and made it clear "we're just getting started".

Look at the scoreboard Newt - we're more relevant than you ;)