Comment: Spreading the message of liberty at Texas A & M

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Spreading the message of liberty at Texas A & M

So I drove up to College Station early in the morning from Houston where I own a home now. I have seen Ron Paul Live many times around the country so I wasn't there to take a seat away from someone who has never had that experience. No I went there to make signs, field questions, talk to students, and get students out to the event. I did this all day, and I loved every minute of it! I meet some awesome other activists from my new city who are ready to do activism in Houston, I think a lot of people liked my sign that read, "I like Ron Paul except his foreign policy......I Like Jesus except about that part about loving your neighbor", I stayed out in the halls once Ron Paul's speech began so I could talk to people and see his speech on a TV they had in the hall. It was an awesome and totally delightful day for the cause of Liberty!! JCM