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santorum delegates

The Santorum drop out could bode very well for us with respect to delegates. I have a friend in VA who was a Santorum guy but voted for Paul in the primary since Santorum didn't get on the ballot. He's a cookie cutter neo-con who is scathing towards Ron Paul in general, but when faced with a choice of Ron Paul or Romney, went for Paul. This is a very interesting turn of events and if my friend's sentiments towards Romney are indicative of many of Santorum's supporters, we could see a real shift in how this whole campaign has gone in the coming weeks and perhaps reach a point where the MSM can no longer ignore Dr. Paul and his supporters. In writing the last sentence I realize there'll be some scandal or some 'non-news news,' trumped up for the MSM to report if we start picking up wins! Oh well, it's the delegates that count!