Comment: my exchange with Joseph Farah

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my exchange with Joseph Farah


To answer your question; "How do you de-federalize policies Washington has already illegitimately usurped.(?)"

We elect constitutionally fluent, constitutionally obedient, politicians like Ron Paul. (In case you didn't notice, he's the only one in the race Joseph.)

It's time the so-called consevative media got off it's collective asses and propagated the truth about Ron Paul.

So far the so-called conservative media has just BEEN AIDING AND ABETTING BARAK OBAMA'S RE-ELCTION.

Making excuses for the staus quo candiates dirty records, covering up their pasts is not helping conservativism.

It's easy to quaterback from the cozy sidelines. Ron Paul has to pick his debate issues carefully so as not to be going in too many directions.

What he has done through these two campaigns is so rare and exquisite only a fool would criticize him. And there are plenty of those around.

Ron Paul has addressed 'de-federalization' numerous times in numerous speeches..

It has taken Ron Paul 30 years just-to-get-his-dumbed-down-audience-up-to-a-level-of-understanding-where-he-can-even-have-an-intelligent-discussion-about-the-hi-jacking- of-America-by-both-parties.

Pay attention. The survival of the country is depending on it.