Comment: A letter I have received from a Romney supporter

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A letter I have received from a Romney supporter

I just thought I would share a an email I received from a Mitt Romney supporter. I received a lot emails and messages from Ron Paul supporters, of course, but many from others as well. Here is one email that pretty much sums up what people have been sending to me.


Hi Brent:

Just a note to congratulate you on your win at the St Charles County Caucus on Tuesday, and to thank you for "how" you did it: fair and square. I was one of the people helping out. (I omitted how he was helping out in order to honor his anonymity since I did not ask him if I could post this) You ran a fair meeting and I appreciate how you went to lengths to clarify and explain things, such as the concept that the body of the caucus attendees were the primary authority at the meeting. A couple of times some who raised motions were combative, but you responded in a reasonable way and handled things appropriately, turning the tone back to neutral and respectful. Well done!

I am a Romney supporter, so the results were not exactly what I would have wished. But I respect how you and the Ron Paul supporters, and really most everyone at the caucus, conducted themselves. It was a completely different atmosphere than the 17 March episode. There was much more respect for the body of the caucus this time.

I am impressed at how organized the Ron Paul supporters were, and how passionate yet disciplined. You all really got the vote out, and you had your ducks all in a row. I even liked the speech that Bryce (not sure his last name) gave in describing your Constitutional Conservative slates of delegates. Excellent speech with awesome conservative principles enumerated. I felt like applauding after it, even though I was voting for the other slate.

If all Ron Paul supporters are like those who were at this caucus, I am pleased and thankful to have you all as fellow conservatives and members of the Republican Party, united in limiting Obama to a single term. I am looking forward to the rest of the primary season and the general election this year.

Congratulations again!