Comment: got a solution for you!

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got a solution for you!

check this out:

VLC is THE premier open source media player, that plays practically everything, with no ads.

They have a speed-play option. I usually watch all my vids/radio interviews now at 2-4x speed. can watch a 2hr docu in less than 35min!

Is it pathetic that I became so addicted to tracking down every single RP and/or related videos that I HAD to figure out a way to watch it, faster? LOL

Frankly I have no idea how the Doc sounds at normal speed anymore! Okay that's not true.D

And the speed play does NOT sound like the typical Alvin and the Chipmunks. It's exactly the same tone as at normal speed, just faster.

check it out. it saves me a lot of time, daily.

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