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Not just Delegates

But we need votes in upcoming states. People on here are right. In state's that Paul visits, it needs to be organized to register people then and there to vote and join the party. Some time of his meetings should be devoted to this. That would help the cuase much.

And as for me, I feel bad for not having done enough in WA state. I did a little bit and contributed some, then figured I had done my part. Not so, because it was not enough. If I had it to do over again, I'd of done much more prior to the vote here. There are neighbors I have talked with afterwards whom I've convinced of Paul.

If I had brought just those few neighbors and some close friends, then our caucus would have been all paul delegates...only would have taken about 4 people to change it. Instead, our precinct sent 4 romney and 1 Paul (me) to the county. At the county, our distict lost. I think something like 50 delegates to state, we got none. Going into the county caucus, overall we had close to as many delegates as romney there to vote. It was that unity slate where the santorum people voted romney's slate.

But still, if I and a few more in the area had just done a little more before the initial caucus at the high school, we could have turned that around. Just in my pricint, putting 5 paul and zero romney, which could have been done by bringing just four more people, would have changed the vote at county by 8 (4 less for romney, 4 more for Paul). If a few more did the same, then we'd of been likely to prevail at the county and be going into the state much stronger.

Am just saying, please for the sake of all that is good, do anything and everything you can think of to get more people to come vote.