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I know your not really

I know your not really calling people idiots, its an expression. But that kind of conjecture was really for us, as we were realizing the fraud. That expression helped to boost us into the reality that the proffesionals who were supposed to be doing the investigating or even Engineers or maybe even pilots ETC.. were the idiots, if they believed the lie. But for the average person it takes like u said some time since they were presented with beleifs and not evidence. Anyone on the dailypaul I'd say with some exception are not idiots. And I know that's not your point, but people read into meanings they choose, and take things personal. These are some serious issues we are dealing with Ive found the best way is to give support and just use rationality. I think the same way as you, but I assume they will take everything I say in the absolute worst way. I know you didn't think about all that when you were making your quick post. I'm just putting in my two cents. oh that was a good point at the end but for some reason people still miss that...