Comment: ex-neocon here, too...

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ex-neocon here, too...

once you can see the way the media, and particularly the Limbaugh, Hannity, Glenn Beck's of the world manipulate people's instinct towards patriotism and faith- it's so incredibly blatant! So many of us have converted from neoconservatism (indistinguishable from mainline Fox News conservatism) that we tend to be very hard on those who still believe in the right-left paradigm.

One thing is for certain- people who are generally still doing well economically speaking will see little justification for systemic change. They will either have to witness the evils of big government themselves, or be hurt by the state's naked authoritarianism to see the world differently.

I have always been something of a rebel who has questioned the hypocrisy of the modern American system and the emptiness of a corporatized, materialistic society. 9/11 kind of shifted me into hyper-conformity (for 4-5 years), and I even talked to recruiters about fighting for the empire! After all, from a neocon perspective, there is never an end to the the lip-service and fleeting gestures for our fighting men and women. Too bad their death is only collateral damage in the fight for world hedgemony.

Neoconservatism, and the way in which their thought-leaders embrace ignorance (and arrogance), is utterly disgusting. As if a typical hack GOP-machine politician like Rick Santorum represents some new birth of conservatism- he's George W. Bush (R-PA)! I had hoped that "conservatives" would have learned some fundamentals from the tea party movement, and all that BS about the unconstitutionality of Obamacare. Instead, they continue to be led around by the nose by the GOP because of obsession over these damn social issues. These are the big government conservatives- and proudly so!

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