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Money Bomb Duration

I think April 15th was picked because it is normally IRS Tax Day: Income Tax Filing Deadline.

But this year April 15th is Sunday, a non-business day, so Income Tax is due Tuesday, April 17th, the next non-holiday business day. April 16th is a minor holiday, so Federal Taxes and many State Taxes, or extensions related thereto, are considered filed timely if postmarked by the United States Postal Service (USPS) by Midnight April 17, 2012.

I agree, a weekend money bomb started Friday - Sunday may have been better. But Friday the 13th wasn't correlating for this situation.

As usual, money bombs try to reach their goal in one day. Hopefully, we can reach $2.5 million or better in that time frame. But, extending through April 17th may not be a bad idea. I'm sure we'll get notice as the results come in.

Hope that helps. :)