Comment: my opinion...short & skinny...we didn't have the numbers.

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my opinion...short & skinny...we didn't have the numbers.

Nueces county was fair. I thought the Precint Chair did a good job keeping things fair. Everyone got to speak their mind.

If we had the numbers, the Nueces convention could have gone our way, but the turnout was very low..maybe 20% Paul folks if that.

Overall, turn out was horrible, in my opinion - for all sides. Lots of precincts were not represented by anyone.

Ofcourse the Delegates & Alternate Slate that was already prepared and pre-approved by the credential commitee got passed by majority. There was some bickering over this, but the numbers weren't in our favor to make any changes to this.

I did make alternate delgate....not sure how many others. Pretty sure no Paul supporters made actual Delegates postitions because those slots were filled in by the good-to-do's, just some others might have made alternate list.

The convention seemed to drag on forever with the same few people dragging it out.

ALSO, they made a rule, no Recording of any kind except by credentialed media as one of the first items of business. Arguments were made on boths sides, for and against, but again, the numbers were not with us, and the folks who cry about the lack of trasparency in Washington seem to have no problem having no transparency at the local level.

Even so, there weren't any apparent breaking of the rules as far as I could tell this time around. Like I said, in my opinion the Chair was very strict to make sure both sides played by the rules and overall did a good job keeping things fair and squables to a minimum.

FOR other states and counties.....BOTTOM LINE...If you want to be on the delegate or alternate list..CALL and express interest PRIOR to the convention, if you're outnumbered, you're not going to make the list at the convention.