Comment: Still very hopeful for your next steps

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Still very hopeful for your next steps

Do not under-estimate the number of alternates you have. 70% in of the alt will be moved up.

It is a two way street and need to be worked on actively to develop a majority. Don't only expect RP supporters to call and express interest to you. You also need to reach out to them. Start early, call, meet in person all your Ron Paul donors and known supporters. Ask them get on board to be a delegate. Do not only rely on a handful of volunteers. The single biggest strategic mistake made in my county is we did not engage the donors. We only contacted people who are active in the Ron Paul group of which only less than 40% got on the delegate process. Pursue them!!

I understand your county convention - the turn out was a big problem. But at the district and state level, you can still bring new people in that have not been in the previous conventions. You can nominate people from the floor as long as the person who does the nominating is present! That is the rule in my state - GA.

There is still a lot you can do! Keep up the good work!