Comment: Of course it is wrong, but it makes good comedy

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Of course it is wrong, but it makes good comedy

The problem with the quote is that it implies uniform sample sets. Comedians are good with statistics jokes but seldom appear to understand the words coming out of their mouths. The people you meet tend to be at work, school, religious organizations, political organizations. If you work with folks that tend to be well educated and usually think for a living it is possible, but not certain, that this will pull up the average.

I went to a Rep District meeting recently and, while there was a scattering of Ron Paul folks in the crowd it was not enough to pull the entire room up to average.

Then again, average what? Intelligence, height, income, well dressed, or car they own? What average are we looking for here. I think the implication is intelligence but that varies a lot with the crowd you hang out with. Hang out with smart people and you everyone you meet may be above average. Hang out with total losers and get the opposite.