Comment: You guys need to relax

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You guys need to relax

You have gotten so used to being blacked out that now you actually want to be included when shows are laughing at (not with) the other republicans? Lol.. SNL goes out of its way to make fun of Republicans on a regular basis, why in the world would you want them ruining Dr. Paul's name? They obviously weren't dying to include him in the clip because he is the only GOP candidate that gets respect from everyone on the left.

It's the same exact thing that South Park did when they excluded Ron Paul from the clip at the end of the episode during the debate. Don't go looking for things to complain about... sometimes you get so caught up in trying to find the negative aspect of something that you completely overlook the positive aspects.

OH BY THE WAY, just to jog all of your memories, SNL IS the same show that featured the clip below not too long ago, and stated "Ron Paul, not going anywhere... Ideologically pure and tough as nails."

How soon we forget...