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You seem to be missing the point entirely..

SNL is created entirely for satirical purposes. No one tunes in to SNL to figure out who to vote for, they tune in to laugh. You will argue that they "subliminally" communicate information, and thus belittled RP by not including him in the GOP bashing. If you want me to point out 10 reasons why this is irrelevant when done by a show like SNL I will, but I am confident you can figure it out on your own if you think about it really, really hard.

Their skits are designed around what generates the highest comedic value for their audience, and they use their limited resources to maximize it. Why draw the line at SNL? Well, it seems blatantly obvious, because no one in their right mind tunes in to SNL for an update on current events. You draw the line for what constitutes a "comedy show" at what your instincts tell you are comedy shows. This seems obvious, but since you don't seem to understand, I will give you an example: Saturday Night Live - Comedy, South Park - Comedy, Fox News - information, 60 minutes - information.

No one is saying to become apathetic, there are certainly more than a handful of media outlets that are withholding information regarding Ron Paul to keep him out of the public eye, but I can assure you SNL is likely not one of them. Based on their history of saying positive things about RP, it doesn't really add up.

You assume that people are apathetic if they don't want to attack SNL for not making fun of Ron Paul, but your conclusion is based on the flawed premise that SNL excluding RP from the GOP bashing skit is something that we need to take action on. Your second conclusion is based on the false premise that because I haven't posted my letter to the GA GOP, I never wrote one or contacted them. Based on your logic, only a few dozen people have actually contacted them, which likely is not the case.

Less trying to look smart, more actually using your brain.

Try thinking more and logical reasoning.